Nguyen Hoang

Hoang Nguyen

Entry Full Stack Developer

Name:Hoang Nguyen
Address:4806 Aspen View, San Antonio, TX, 78217, USA
Phone:+1 (920)-815-5102

Hi there! I’m a graduated student from Lawrence University with a major in Mathematics and Computer Science. This is my online resume and blog, where you can take a good look at my projects and understand my point of view.

I like Japanese culture, reading books and coding. I am currently looking for an entry-level  computer science job.

Technical Experience

Jun 2017 - present

Side Project

  • Android Email App: A combination of Web Server and Android App to send/receive email. Java, PHP, SQL, JSON, Android
  • A website for my family owned business. PHP, HTML, CSS
  • YouTube Search: A web app for searching, filtering and sorting YouTube video.  HTML, CSS, JavaScript (AngularJS)
  • OAuth Login: An OAuth/ Simple login web server checks age range of users before letting them see the content. NodeJS (Express), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB
Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

Eway CO. Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Created simple RESTful web server using framework as training for part time worker
  • Used Git and Docker to quickly set up and improve an old sample project


ASP.NET Games Store

ASP.NET Games Store

OAuth Login

OAuth Login

Youtube Search

Youtube Search

Klong Website

Klong Website

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Address4806 Aspen View, San Antonio, TX, 78217, USA
Phone+1 (920)-815-5102